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Originally Posted by pizzano View Post
Unlike many on board camera devices built into the multi-rotors which have a USB type socket/cable to down load the recorded data from the quad to a PC or other device, the 502s lacks that function.
It will only save the vid or still onto the micro SD card. You must then remove the SD card from the quad and plug it into your PC, tablet in order to play back.
The SD card must be formatted with a compatible play back video driver your PC or tablet will recognize.

I haven't spent much time with the TX it comes with, but I do not believe any of the flight vid's or stills are saved through that device. You are only able to view the live feed from the camera.

So, basically what the manual is stating....... you need a micro SD card installed in order for the Photo and Video buttons to function.......shame the kit did not come with a SD card or better instructions.
It does seem shameful, so is there a reason why it doesn't? I'm sorry to be so totally ignorant but so far that's my position. We can buy those cards on ebay, but how to plug them into a computer? With the Syma X5C that has no headless or GPS they do include a little chip of some sort and also an adapter to plug it into a computer USB. It worked great with no formatting needed. How to proceed with this better machine that includes no card or adapter and needs to be formatted? I found the cards on ebay with adapters, but it doesn't look like anything that will work in my PC. Maybe for a phone or camera Is there an adapter for the adapter

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