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dang,i thought i got it bad.the wrong language!
the thing with sd cards and the transmitter is i read folks had there transmitter lock up and shut down while flying with the supplied sd card in the tx. i am removing my sandisc card now that the upgraded firmware is 1.09. the price range of sd cards are as varied as the price of receivers. $5 for a cheap one or $35+ a 32 sandisc.

this is to funny,new update 1.10 is coming real soon the support at horizon laughed when i said i expect to see my horizon email calling for me to update it tomorrow.

i just pulled the trigger on the spectrum ar8000 for $116 at horizon.this quad has turned into a real money pit.

just so folks know,if you call in an orderly phone to horizon,you should ask about the phone order discount. it's 10%off. as an experiment i also ordered6 channel lite,and a 8channel with satellite receiver from lemonrc. even though the name is crazy,forums speak very highly of the brand for less expensive models. lemon openly says they aren't a copy of spectrum hardware and they design and qc all their products. looking forward to installing the 6channel lite in a 250 quad.
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