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Default Galloping Ghost

Originally Posted by E-Challenged View Post

The little Tobe GG actuator did not have enough power to control my full size Mambo, better suited to smaller Mini Mambo and other smaller lighter models. I installed two 9 gm servos and the model is now fully controllable. Watch Otto Diffenbach's videos on You Tube.
Thanks for the update. I also have the Tobe GG actuator and I'm debating on either the Half Tone by Dave Platt or the RCM 1/2A Basic Trainer by Dick Tichenor. Both would have been .049 powered and rudder and elevator back when designed. I have the plans for each and probably most of the wood and covering, just need to get a project out of the way and flying before deciding.

I'll post once I get to building. I really wanted a GG setup back in the 1960s but didn't have the money. Now is the time to relive my youth the way I wanted to.
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