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Default Nostalgia-Mambo with Tobe Galloping Ghost

Just want to share. I obtained a Tobe GG motor driven actuator that works with ANY modern proportional RC transmitter and receiver to give you flapping proportional rudder and elevator control plus normal throttle control via the speed control when using electric power. The actuator with attached "recoder" plugs into the aileron and elevator channels of any modern receiver on any frequency with no modifications to transmitter or receiver.

Contact Jay Mendoza , Mission Viejo, CA for info and pricing on the Tobe actuator:

[email protected]

I downloaded the plans for a 1960's 48" wingspan Mambo trainer from Outerzone to a flashdrive and took it to a FedEx Central office where they printed full size plan and pattern sheets plus the original Mambo wing logo for $16. I found a good local hobby shop, Remote Control Hobbies, in Orange, CA where they keep a good stock of sheet balsa, ply and basswood
as well as bagged accessory items and wheels.(About $76)

I'm ready to start cutting out ribs, formers and balsa sheet slab fuselage parts. Covering will be translucent red for wings and lifting stab and yellow for he fat fuselage. Graphics will be by Callie Graphics.

Nostalgia doesn't come cheap but should be a lot of fun.
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