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Originally Posted by scalercflyer View Post
Congrats on the flight 7car7. She definitely flys like the real one. I was impressed. I agree with Murph. Back off the throttle and let her float a bit. I think you'll feel more comfortable flying at a reduced speed. You did a great job! What's next? A DVIII maybe??? Martin
Thanks so much!
Next? I do need to fix my Tiger Moth that my 9yo slammed into a goalpost. (buddy cord, pretty much my own fault).

And I have a spare Great Planes SE5a with damaged wings that I want to strip and re-cover with a different scheme. Also want to put it on a diet, and pretty much do to it what I did with the Albatros.

But if time was no object (lots of other hobbies - I'm spread thin) I'd really like to do either a full kit, or do another scratch build.

The Moraine Saulnier A1 really has my attention, as does a Siemens Schuckert D1 - along with the DVIII. But then I'm captivated by the thought of building a 40 inch Jenny that weighs about 18oz! And then I have to remind myself that the SPAD XIII is coming out in a few months, so, that might realistically be the next one. WHO KNOWS!
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