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Question SNQ

What a Great thread, and just what I'm looking for too! I have already searched it, and this question has not come up yet, so here goes...

I am building an AeroCraft Miss Stik ( And I have decided to use the recommended AXI 2212/26 brushless out-runner to power it. From the specs it looks like a good motor for this bird, however what I don't like is the recommended mounting location, which is on the cowling. This wouldn't be a problem except the cowling is only taped onto the front of the fuselage. To me this is no better that just taping the motor onto the plane and I see all sorts of problems arising from it*. So what I would like to know is (are?):
  1. Can this motor be mounted onto the firewall instead? if so:
  2. How is this done?
  3. May I assume an adapter of some sort must be bought?
  4. How long will the combination motor/adapter be (I have 1.25 inches to work with)?
Thanks in advance

*The problems I see with using only tape to hold the motor on are:
  • That setting up the proper thrust angles will be much harder,
  • That they will be harder to keep correct and
  • That every insignifigant little bump on the nose will throw them off.
I don't want to have to deal with all this , I would much rather have a solid mount against the firewall that will stay where I put it. Let the cowling be what it is meant to be; a covering for the motor.
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