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info Nope blonds

An inebriated guy sitting sat at a bar is on his 15+ beer of the evening when he notices 3 newcomers enter the pub and sit at the bar next to him.

"Hey, wanna hear a dumb blonde joke?" he asks the nearest one.

The newcomer turns to face him and for the first time he see it's a lady with blonde hair.

"I am a high ranking detective with the FBI that has single handedly solved hundreds of cases and I happen to be blonde," she replies.

Pointing to her companion on her left, "My friend here is also blonde and happens to be a world renowned biochemist, who has found the cure for 9 different types of cancer."

Pointing to her far left, "And this young lady, who is also blonde, is an eight level dan in Jujitsu and has competed in the women's UFC for the last 3 years."

She looks back at the drunk guy, "So do you really wanna tell me this dumb blonde joke?"

Thinking about it for a second the man responds, "Nah, not if I have to explain it 3 times."
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