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Less pitch is understandable. 3D flying uses idle up, normal mode uses a smaller pitch range and a changing throttle. Throttle hold is clearly set to a pitch curve different than normal mode. As for setting, one channel will show throttle (channel 1 or 3). You'll see three or four lines of mixes, saying the switch and what curve it at. It will say c1-c3 or c4. On channel 6 you'll see something that looks identical to the throttle curves, only the will assign c4-c7, c5-c8, or however many mixes. Now go through menus and you should find one with curves (it could be in mixes too I suppose, if you push the select button on a mix). In that menu it will show curves up to....well a lot, but only 1 to 8 should be in use. You may be able to look at the numbers of each curve, or have to select each curve to see the settings. These curves are what the mixes go off of. I would check curve 1, see if it ever shows 100, as when you to full pitch you could not have a high enough headspeed. Also check curve 6, 7 and 8, and compare to the mix menu. If any show THR as the switch, delete the mix completely. What this will do is tell the system that throttle hold overrides everything in throttle, but not pitch. Control your range of pitch through curves, not setting to 150%. One last thing, make sure your curves go from -100 to 100 or from 0- 100, as if your radio goes from -100 to 100 and you set throttle at 0, that's 50% throttle.
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