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Default The Flying Witch Project

The Flying Witch Project

About 6 months ago we were thinking about creating new remote controlled toys for 2008 holiday season.
Based on past years best selling toys we realized that the product needs to be:
1. inexpensive
2. easy to operate
3. Flying toy
4. Be able to fly indoors.

So this was our starting point and we started to brain storm the possibilities.
We thought about few nice ideas that some of them are currently under development but the one that completed the journey from an idea to an actual product is the Flying Witch.

A witch flying on a broom has been part of many fairytales over the years and we thought that it will be very cute to create a remote controlled witch that can fly in the air.
So we started to play with the idea of how to build his witch – using top rotor like helicopters or using front motor like an airplane.
Since we wanted that this witch will fly slowly and be able to fly indoors, we realized that the best way will be to build it with a top rotor similar to helicopters.
Then we had the option to build a single rotor and a tail rotor to stabilize the witch or to build it with a counter rotating double rotor system.
When calculating the weight and the flight stability we decided to go with a counter rotating double rotor system which is very easy to operate and provide a stable flight even in small places like a living room or an office.

The first step was to contact a designer and an artist in order to build a model of the witch. We explained our objectives and goals as well as giving the specifications as far as size and weight. Here are the first models that were built by the model artist:

The body of the witch needs to be built with light material like EPS Styrofoam but the problem is that when using such material it is difficult to show some fine details of the witch body.
So we decided to create the face of the witch using plastic mask for the face that will show the face details and the rest of the witch body will be made of EPS Styrofoam.

We sent the model to a laser machine that can create a computer image of the model.
You can see how it looks in the attached images:

When satisfying with the results, we created rough sample made of Styrofoam in order to determine the correct position for the shafts, blades, motors, battery, receiver/controller, etc.
After getting the correct position we sent the sample to create another computer image:

In order to build the mold we had to cut the witch into several parts and create a separate mold for each of the parts like: arms, legs, body, etc.
Here is an image of the parts after the mold was finished:

Here is a look at the rotor system and inner frame with the gears:

And here is how it looks when it is assembled:

In the mean time we worked on the witch’s face made of plastic:

In order to stabilize the witch, we had to create a third “leg” on the front of the broom so the witch can stand in a stable position.
We designed stickers to cover the front “leg” with stars so the product will look nicer and designed another sticker that looks like a broom for the back end of the broom.

Here is the final result of the product:

Here is the video of the final product as can be seen on our web site: min 15 sec)

Keep tuned for our upcoming products!
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