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Default mAh counter problem on my Imax B6 charger

After many years of flawless use my imax b6 shorted to dead when unnoticed input wires frayed and charger falled to floor when connected. Time came for a new charger balancer and the dual power imax b6ac was a natural choice for me. Last week, I received my brand new charger and begun charging many lipo stored batteries for the next Saturday and Sunday flying sessions at my rc club. Working on one fo my planes (all electrics), the end charge buzzer ringed on the first 2200 mAh being charged. Since I always note how many mAh were sent to the batt, I was surprised to see the mAh counter showing only 43 mAh instead of the expected 800 to 1000 mAh. I checked the freshly balance charged batt with a lipo checker and finded that it was at 100%. I charged 6 or 7 more batt (all were in lipo storage state) and same thing happened with mAh numbers much less than logically expected. But all the batt were perfectly 100% charged. On the last one, I was lucky enough to see the counter going 511, 512, 513 mAh, then Zero and beginning counting 00001, 00002 and so on.
I would like to know if any of you encountered this problem with this charger and founded what was the problem?
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