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Default GWS Beaver on floats or ???

I've got a dilemma. I have an unassembled GWS beaver with floats along with everything (transmitter, receiver, motor, esc, batteries, props, etc) needed to get it flying. I'm trying to determine whether this plane would be worth assembling and flying, or if I should sell it and get something else.

I've flown primarily glow planes since the late 70s. I haven't flown much lately due to work and family commitments, and because the nearest clubs are about an hour away. My electric experience includes a GWS Slow Stick, which I bought a while back so I could give demo sessions to people who showed up at the club field and were interested in flying, and a GP Seawind, which I have flown exclusively off water.

My goal for this plane is to have a small, slow alternative to the Seawind that I can fly off water or take to one of the many nearby soccer fields. It would be nice if it could use the Slow Stick batteries (2S 800 mah). I may also try to get my 13 year old daughter interested in flying, so this might double as a trainer. It seems there are several small foam RTF or PNP planes on the market which also come with floats. I'm trying to determine if any of these would fly better than the GWS Beaver.

Any thoughts?

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