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Originally Posted by Panther View Post
I followed solentlifes post prior to him buying the soloshot and it was a real scam. He eventually got it and had nothing but trouble trying to get it to work properly. It sort of works now but leaves a heck of a lot to be desired. The idea is good. It just doesn't work as claimed.
I complained so much about the battery life failing - they sent me a complete replacement set and told me to keep the old. The second one is just the same ....

BUT there are times it does a pretty good job ... and having two sets - I managed to keep banging away at first to get it working again. But I now have a 2S and BEC hanging of the side of each to get reasonable recording time out of them.

The main problem is they use GPS two-way comms to track ... it cannot react fast enough to models turning / looping etc. - the camera is too slow to follow the change in direction. it also has difficulty with low altitude as it basically understands that anything under 15m or so is on the ground !! or still above 20m.
The system is fine for slow moving objects to track.
I also am not happy that one function still has not been enabled : dynamic positioning. The camera base cannot be moved once started ... even wind movement will cause it to stop recording and recalibrate. The sales blurb all that time ago showed the unit being moved and still recording ...
I pointed out to Soloshot that DJi and other drones can have dynamic GPS positioning in SMALLER units ... so why cannot they ?

Back to Hobby King ................ their stock and variety as well as prices are still not attractive ... its not the HK of previous ...
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