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Default Need help with eflite power 10, prop spinner installation

I'm working on building a plane from plans. There's not much on the construction of this plane and even less when it comes to installing the electronics.

It was suggested I use an eflight power 10 BL. The motor needs to be installed backwards with the prop shaft reversed.

Im really scratching my head over this one as I am not that familiar with setting this all up.

Can someone please explain the best way to go about doing the install on this. The way the plan is constructed, the motor stays in and has very little access to it because i basically plank over the frame after its in from what I can tell.

There seems to be very little shaft exposed once i pit it on the firewall and I have no idea how to mount this spinner. The spinner I have is a dubro 2 1/2.

Do i use the x bracket that came with the motor, or do I jist mount it directly to the firewall? If thats the case I would have to get a lil bit longer screws to accommodate the thickness from the firewall.





Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is the plane I'm trying to build.


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