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There is an interesting issue that's starting today, and were ALL affected by it. It's called " TARIFFS" Starting today 9/1, Our so called President has dumped it on us. Prices are going to go up " Maybe" That depends on how much margin the Manufactures have. Be interesting to see if the price goes back up soon on that Beach Barron I bought for HK. At $261, I'm ordering another one. I couldn't scratch build one for that price, even using my own retracts I make. I just found out that the Barron is out of stock in the US warehouse. Now I know why they dropped the price. It ships from China. The shipping is over $300. Guess I'm not ordering the second one after all. I think I'll use the one I have as a plug and make a new mold. After all in 2014 they copied the retracts I made. I guess I would call that " Getting Even"

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