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Originally Posted by Turbojoe View Post
I couldn't possibly care any less about multi rotor/drones etc. regardless of price. Bang You Good can own that market 100% for all I care. The rest of their crap is just that. Crap!

Sorry maybe I was not so clear ... ignore the Multi-Rotor in the listings titles ... the MR / FPV part of the hobby is driving development of smaller, lighter but more powerful motors. Not only that - but prices at levels we can 'afford' !
So many motors are out there now that rival the older accepted motors we've used for years on pushers / parkjets etc. such as the 2826 2200kv that is seen so often.

As to vendors such as BG selling crap ... forgive me for saying that the products they sell - most are available via many other vendors - possibly different label but same product from quite often same factory.

Too often a product receives a crap label in a post somewhere ... when you find out what the poster did - its no wonder the product threw its hand in ...

Finally - WE the consumer have created the market we now have to deal in. We want cheap prices, but good quality. This has created a manufacturing cult where scantlings of products are pared to the absolute closest possible. Keeping costs down and if the product is not 'pushed' will survive a reasonable time.
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