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Originally Posted by Turbojoe View Post
Being in OZ you probably get your orders in several few days vs a few weeks to the USA. Most times I've ordered from HK "USA warehouse" it still ends up coming on the rowboat from China......

Gee, that was a quick reply TJ. LOL
Yes. Less than a week. If I order on a Sunday I usually have it by Thursday or Friday.
However, lately I have had to order from Banggood as HK doesn't have some products. My last order was free shipping and I had it in 7 days. Ordered on Thursday and had it in my hand next Thursday. This was a wifi module.
I don't normally buy from Hobby King if it has to come from the Global Warehouse although times have improved there as well. Usually around 10 days max.
I ordered some props on the 28th. Tracking says I will have them on Monday morning. Bloody weekends slow things down. LOL No post here on Saturdays...
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