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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
I have the Soloshot Camera system Optic 25.

I paid over $700 incl customs on a significant pre-order sales .... it then over 2 years before I received the unit.

Less than a year later - they are selling the same for under $400 ..... I sent a message and also posted on their FB page about it ... their reply ignored the subject and just went into their usual sales blurb.
I never buy anything that hasn't been on the market for some time and that is the reason. They rely on buyers wanting to be 'first' to own a new product. When sales levels fall below par they have to reduce prices.
There are a lot of companies that fund development by offering all sorts of promises to prospective clients and sadly some of them don't even make it to market. Obviously they just do not have enough financial security or expertise behind them to begin projects in the first place. It amazes me how many people take up their 'offers'
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