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Originally Posted by LJE4357 View Post
On August 22 I purchased a HK Beachcraft Baron Twin for $327.31. I received it on the 27th, That's 6 days. Shipping was free. Today I seen the price dropped to $261.30. I chatted with them online. I told them how much I paid. They tell me if it was no more than 7 days I would get back the difference. They asked for the shipping date and the day Paypal paid them, and the day I got. Then they tell me it's longer than 7 days. Unless they use a different type of Math, I should get back $66.01. That's a big difference.
I have the Soloshot Camera system Optic 25.

I paid over $700 incl customs on a significant pre-order sales .... it then over 2 years before I received the unit.

Less than a year later - they are selling the same for under $400 ..... I sent a message and also posted on their FB page about it ... their reply ignored the subject and just went into their usual sales blurb.
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