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Default Can you reuse spectrum receivers ?

Hello , It's been a while since I gave up the hobby ...We didn't have 2.4 ghz transmitters back then ...Think they were 900 ghz ..

So I see they have "Beginner friendly" transmitter/receiver sets now ... my question is ..If I buy one of these planes with this "Beginner" technology can I transfer the parts from one plane to another just in case I crash and destroy the plane it comes in ... I'm talking about the Spectrum transmitter/receiver combo that has "Safe Tech" built in ... The only problem I can see is if the plane I change it to has a different battery voltage .. Anyone know about these controllers ??? ..Thinking about the AeroScout S1

Thank You for any help you can give ...Gonna try this again ...I crashed A LOT last time I tried this ... Thanks again Don J.
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