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Originally Posted by tobydogs View Post
another thing to watch is if a battery has a bad cell it can effect how the powerlab charger works while charging several packs at once,i had four 4cell 4000mah 40c batteries charging last night and it switched to safety charge.....i used a battery checker after waiting for the packs to get to more than 92% after 2 hr's on the charger when i realized one pack had a bad #2cell. it was in the crash of the 540t and i could feel slight puffing. i'm going to be charging batteries now,but plan on cycling the damaged pack on the powerlab6 tonight. hopefully it can be balanced and put back to use. it's a zippy and cost's around $35. plus i need it to get my extra 300s powered by 7cells running a 3cell with the 4's.
Yeah, that PL8, along with most of the rest of the Cellpro line, along with perhaps many other name brand LiPo chargers may go into their "Safety" mode of charging a LiPo battery that is way out of balance.

My PL8 chargers go to a 500 milliampere charge rate under this condition, even when it's programmed for a 30 Amp charge rate for my A123's. (That is a 12S2P pack being charged as a 6S4P pack.)
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