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Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyer View Post
If it's limited to 50W (seems low for a charger of this power?) then you wont be able to quite get 8A on a fully charged 2s battery because doing so would exceed the 50W limit.

BTW.. the 'theoretical' 500Amp battery discharge limit is pie in the sky.. just made up marketing numbers basically. Besides anything else 500A would require huge wire gauge. For instance 10AWG wire is limited to about 120A.
Yeah, figured I would get about 6 amps or so with the low 50w but will set it to max 8 and let it do its thing.

Of course you wouldn't want your power setup to ask for anywhere near the limit of the lipo...about half is a good rule of thumb. My motor probably pulls a little over 180a max draw on a 220A per phase ESC. I run 12g wire and its warm but not hot.

Out of curiosity I will discharge after work and post back with what amperage it gets up to.
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