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Originally Posted by MJtheSOLID View Post
Mr ,

For ESC's that gets powered up by a 2 cell or 3 cell battery does not have a BEC. Only ESCs using a 4 cell battery like a 14.8V Li-Po battery would have a BEC. The Sky Surfer brushless version uses an 11.1V Li-Po so it doesn't have a BEC.

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Sorry but that is simply wrong. Virtually every ESC that's designed to run with 2 or 3 cell batteries has a built in BEC. If it didn't then you would either need a separate external BEC to power the RC gear or a separate 5v battery. If, on anything other than single cell lipo systems, the RC gear takes it's power supply from the ESC then the ESC has a built in BEC in order to reduce battery voltage down to around the 5v required by the radio gear.

Here's an example.. the cheapest ESC Hobbyking sell, designed for 2-3cell lipos.. and yes it has a BEC :

It's usually larger ESC's that are designed to operate on 6 and more cells that don't have BECs

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