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Default New pusher jet design idea: Dalpha

I have been eyeballing EDF jets for a while and really like the hobby king viper jet. Looks great and is reasonably priced. However, due to the expense of buying a fan unit, high amp esc, bec, and bigger batteries I began to consider building a similar looking pusher jet that has the looks, but using a prop and a similar power setup as my current 3 and 4s airplanes. (All of them 48 to 50" span)

I used foam board to build a full size engineering mock up to figure out how to build and where to place components. My hang-up now is determining a wing. I would like a slightly tapered wing about 50 inches in span with the TE being more tapered than the LE. (Similar to the wing of an extra, edge, sbach, etc.). But, in keeping the design simple and easy to build, I would sacrifice the symmetrical airfoil for a flat bottomed one.

My design has a flat fuse bottom and uses a spine and ribs (bulkheads) design. I can accommodate almost any wing chord shape, but the flat bottomed wing would simplify construction and allow the wing to be flush mounted to the bottom of fuse, where it could be easily removed in one piece for transport.

Anyone have plans or know of a design whose wings I may adapt? I will pose pictures of my foam mockup soon as I am able for all of you to see what I am up to.
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