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Finally the Copterx made it through customs and I did a quick check over it.

Every package had been opened (customs?) but it all seemed intact and a quick check revealed a few loose screws which I tightened with the best intentions of a complete rebuild prior to first flight....

Couldn't wait that long and with my son visiting and the battery having been charged this morning I did a few pre flight checks, fitted training gear and placed the heli in the centre of my small garden.

First 'flight' on an RC Heli (beyond micro twister and the Phoenix sim), loosing the light fast and a stiff unpredictable breeze and several carefull spool ups and she lifted off then a slight drift and I let her down.

I repeated this about three times and decided to quit while was ahead.

So, flight number 1 was a success but I am not sure about the Gyro as sometimes it let the tail drift and other times it went into a violent twitch only to seemingly reset itself again when I shut the throttle down.

So, it really does fly right out of the box but the next flight will be at the field, in daylight and with no wind!
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