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Tom ... I don't floy the CopterX Pro ... I fly the Upforce 450 ... which is near identical to Trex / CopterX / many other SE V2 450's .....

CopterX is a recognised brand and a friend of mine flies their SE V2 ... he loves it. I would be surprised if the Gyro was bad .... CopterX would I think use a reasonable gyro re-labeled.

There is another point - buying RTF for a beginner gets half the start-up done. I don't agree with those who insist you should build your own. That opens the door for mistakes and failure ........
You can as I did over time swap out parts for better so you end up with a better machine without wasting money at start when you are going to crash a lot.

Get training gear as well ...... it may not stop all crashes .. but saves maybe 50% of those not so straight 'dumps' ...............
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