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Thread lock - BLUE grade is advised as screws have a habit of unscrewing in all helis. Do not use RED permanent grade.

The SE V2 is more common for replacement parts and well served by hundreds of Chinese suppliers ......... but the Pro is fine ....

Some will adviser stay away from chinese parts ........ yeh well - I'm not rich and I know I will crash the machine. I can buy multi packs of shafts etc. from chinese suppliers for less than a single item from original manufacturer.... try this ebay shop :


He has just about all for 450's and I have had excellent parts from him.

When buying parts ... feathering shafts, main shafts, flybar shafts, main gear wheels, blades etc. - buy in multi-packs ......... you'll need them.
I do not use Carbon Fibre blades ... I use wood or Glass Fibre ... much cheaper and perfectly good for learning on. Keep the expensive stuff for wjen you can bring model home in one piece undamaged !!
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