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Default Hobby King Warehouse Pick-UP

As many of you may beware, HK does not operate walk-in retail outlets here in the U.S.......There are a few in other countries like the U.K. Australia, China, and Korea.....Rumor had been U.S. outlets would be established. However, that has not been the case based on HK (U.S) customer service advisories.

One must still order/purchase/pay on-line. Purchases made here in the U.S. can be picked-up at one warehouse location.

Western state location.....:

Eastern state location has been discontinued....:

Only other Global locations....:

Like many have discovered, even though an order may be placed on-line with the U.S. based warehouse affiliate, and items purchased indicate available in the U.S. and shipped from U.S...........50% of the time, the actual order is being filled/collected at both U.S. and China locations. Thus, the complete package is not shipped quickly (even if expedited shipping fees were paid) until the items have been collected together at the U.S. facility and then shipped.
If one gets lucky enough, HK may ship a partial U.S. available product first, and inform you, either by E-mail or (a note in the package), that the other items are "in transit" to be delivered by (you fill in the blank)

A buddy of mine, who lives just outside of Tualatin, Oregon (Sherwood), placed an order through the US web-site, was told he could pick it up in Tualatin in 3 days. He got an E-mail confirmation stating order was ready for pick-up, only to discover when he got there, that (7 items ordered) 4 of which were still in transit from took an additional 6 weeks to completely fill the 7 item order.......he ultimately had 2 of the items (motors and esc) shipped postal to his residence.

What should have been a 4 hour build and fly ended up becoming an 8 week sit and wait....!
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