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The matter of time to balance is valid - but I throw out this comment ... if a pack takes so long to balance that the charger defaults out on time - then maybe the pack is not as it should be ?

I don't use high power chargers - I am old school and still cling to the belief that slow charge is good charge ... I therefore buy extra chargers to augment my capability instead of one larger.
I have a few packs that do default out on time when balance charging ... needing a second START to finish .. usually not a long deal on second start. Those packs are good for low to moderate power models - but put in a heli or high power job and they show weakness in one or more cells.

Correct me if wrong - but I tend the think that if a pack is good on the charger - then it will generally be good in the model. If it shows any 'quirks' on the charger - it can be expected to show strange effects when put to use.

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