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I've got an Astroflight "Blinky" balancer set up for A123 cells. At least for A123 cells, and their flat voltage curve, that POS was worse than useless for balancing.

For a big LiPo, that Blinky might balance a way out of whack battery in a day or three.

As for me, I've got a pair of $$$$ Cellpro Powerlab 8 chargers that have a one amp maximum balancing capability. That's enough to balance just about any way out of balance battery pack.

I'm charging my 6S2P 4600 Mah A123 packs at 20 Amps with the '8 chargers. Charge time is generally around 15 minutes. Before buying the second '8 charger, I was charging my giant scale 12S2P packs as a 6S4P pack with one Cellpro Powerlab 8 charger set at a charging rate of 35 Amps.
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