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Originally Posted by Angler-Hi View Post
Thanks a million Chellie!! I have a GuLang 450S. It's pretty much the same thing as the T-Rex 450S, because it is compatible with all Align (T-Rex) parts. I don't have any micro Crystals to swap out in order to use my own radio. i tried a different Rx than the stock one, but the servos just go crazy and don't respond.

Thanks for the pitch gauge too! Is there a tool for checking the level of the swashplate, or do I just eyeball it? Thanks.

Just eyeball the swash plate, that seems to work good for me, then adjust it if it wants to go in any direction that you dont want it to go in, by a 1/2 turn each time, ALSO, chech the tracking of the blades, add a piece of colored tape to one of the blades, white or red, seem to work good, then, spin the rotors up a little, hold the heli down with some weight, and check to see, if the blades are tracking even, from the side, wear some safety glasses to be on the safe side, adjust as needed, hope that helps, Chellie
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