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Originally Posted by Angler-Hi View Post
Yaniel...you are THE MAN!! Thanks so much bud!! I was so worried that I would have to rearrange everything. Especially seeing how i don't have a pitch gauge yet. I saw one at the LHS the other day and knew I needed it. But, by the time I finished all my shopping, I forgot to grab it. I went back yesterday and it was gone!

Anyway, thanks so much for your quick response! I'm trying to figure out why my heli wants to keep coming backwards when I lift her off. Now, I'm only getting her off the ground about 5-6 inches. If I get her higher, will that help?

Also, while I have the "throttle hold" on and I'm using the left stick to move the rotor blades in pitch, it stays in place even when the stick is returned to center. Is that supposed to be like that? I have full control of the rotor blades, but was wondering how that works. Thanks!

Hi Mike here is a free pitch gauge for you, just print it out and glue to some thin card board.



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