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Default Which way do my blades need to spin!!??

I was trying to figure out why my heli wants to keep flying backwards and to the left. I noticed that when I'm spinning the blades, that they spin with the wider edge of the blade leading instead of the thinner leading edge. My rotor blades do the same thing. Is this right, or do I need to rotate my blades? I thought the thin leading edge should be what cuts into the wind and not the thicker leading edge. My paddles on the fly bar are in the same orientation as well. I'm guessing I need to rotate all of them?

I tried switching two of the wires from the motor to the ESC, but found out that they don't work like planes. Also, when I tried switching two of the wires, my ESC or Gyro kept beeping. I'm guessing this is a way for my heli to tell me, "this isn't correct". Please help! Thanks.
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