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Default Swarm sale at hobby king!!!

Have you guys noticed the swarm sales at HK? there are some even better deals to be had there. so i thought i would start a thread so people could get together an make a swarm sale. its kind of a sales gimmick but for the buyer it works well if there is enough people interested. someone must start a swarm and then you need 6 people to join it. once there are six you get the group discount for the swarm price. they send you an email with the shortcut to your sale price. you can also rejoin after 6 have joined and it will add the item at the sale price to your kart. the thing is you don't have to buy the item when you join. so you can help out others to get the sale price. anyways if there is any interest chime in..

oh and i almost forgot you only have 12hrs to get 6 people to join the swarm otherwise you have to start a new one. after 6 have joined then anyone can get the sale price by following the link from here. those that wish to purchase have 24hrs to get the sale price.

i know its a little complicated but only at first. it works and there are a lot of good deals to be had.

later Andrew K

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