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Got it all tweeked out yesterday am. Suuuhweet. In the afternoon I just flew it at 50% throttle to get a feel for it.
​​​​​​This morning was a shake down flight. First lipo was dedicated to speed and stressing the control surfaces (hinges and control horns) and I'm happy to report that the goop enforced strips of gorilla tape held wonderful (as if I expected those to fail)
I did the same with the 2nd battery.
The 3rd was trying to exceed the envelope by stressing out the 2 center seems and the wings (I'm not using carbon fiber....yet).
I took it up about 100 feet and maxed the throttle and went straight down as close as I dared before pulling back as hard as I could then landed to examine the seams and wings. Not a hint of stress. She's a good build so far.
So letís take it back up and do it again to make sure.
Ooopsie me! I didn't plan to test the other stuff but the plane had other plans.
Comming straight down again only from a bit higher,, closer to 150 feet, where it was just a dot, I was amazed at how fast she got. I was so amazed my attention was too focused and I pulled up too late and smacked her hard on her belly. Flop! Sounded like someone falling in the mud so I couldn't resist laughing. She only rolled once.

So my set up for securing all the electronics was sorely put to the test. To my amazement they all held in place except for the motor which didn't surprise me. It merely tore away clean from the EPP but never became disconnected. I plugged in my hot glue gun, and the motor mount fit perfectly in place like piece from a jig saw puzzle. You couldn't tell anything happened. I was back in the air in 10 minutes, though I don't think I'll be pulling a nose down speed demon again any time soon.

Tough planes ... BUY ONE (silly grin on yer face costs extra)
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