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I neglected to show you the the addition of two bottom fins. I put these on all my superflys primarily because I hate when props dig in on landing. These avoid that wear and tear. I always do soft belly flop landings
Plus I found out that they help a lot when attempting to do a harrier.

Very special note:
Jeff, being busy busy with sick kids, work and family, had a great big brain fart when he packed my order and forgot to enclose the hardware (stick mount, control rods and horns). It was not a big deal at all to me since I had all the items already on hand. Believe me..... I've never once received an incomplete order from Superfly RC, but it goes to show you that under the right circumstances we're all fallible. I don't know about you but I it's senseless to not understand. I just hope the kids get well and life returns to normal for Jeff. Should have kept my mouth shut but I had to contact him to find out how long I should cut the stick (he would have figured out that he forgot to send everything). He offered to send the missing items but in my book it's not worth the postage or time to send. So I declined the offer for those reasons. It's when he offered to compensate me by sending old copies of Oprah Magazines when I really got b*tt hurt lol, but TO MY SURPRISE he refunded me $10.

Thanks Jeff, but a $10 store credit towards my next plane would have thrilled me more. Yer aces Jeff. Thanks
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