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The rudder is your friend. Just got to get to know the plane well, or get a better feild till you get used to it. I slow my plane down by throwing quite a lot of rudder and elevator on approach. My favorite flying site is a 50 foot road with a direct crosswind. Sometimes its as bad as 45 degree angle with 10-15mph winds.

I put a lot of up into it to keep the nose high, then slowly let off throttle to lose altitude, then flare will full up right as your about to touch, stalling on landing. To be honest this works so well on my plane that I no longer use flaps because they use more battery when doing touch and goes compared to high alpha and flare landing.

My plane is an e-flight alpha 450 "sport". Its not too sporty of a plane, and its a flat bottomed wing, 48" wing span, very similar to an aprentice, just smaller and made of wood. Your flaperoins work by increasing lift, requiring less speed over the wings to produce more lift with less speed. This also numbs your controls badly. I had my plane set with quite a bit of diferential at first, mainly downwords. This made it so that if I bankd either way, it would lose all life on one wing, but not the other.

My plane also has full legnth aleroins, which is the only was I see making them effevtive. With flaps on, I don't think the plane flies slower, but it dos require more motor to keep it up higher, but it will climbe almost straight up and level really well. You should always use rudder to steer the plane to the ground.

But that's just myopinion. I like to land in a full stall. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKa9mqKVzog[/media]
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