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Originally Posted by hayofstacks View Post
Use your rudder on landing. I have my aleroins set to 40%, which is quite a lot. I have the control horns on maximum throws. If you have it mixed right, the alerons still respond well, when you hit them, one side moves up quickly, giving you the same effect as it would without flaps on. I think you just need to find the sweet spot. Adding flaps will add weight and complexity, making the wing loading higher and making it more likely for a switch to crash you. Your also going to block all of the air flow over your aleroins, making them even more useless then they were before.

Good luck, and I hope I'm wrong.
What plane have you tried this on that you are referencing? Some planes respond to it much better than others. And of all the post I have seen while reading up on the subject, you are the only person that has suggested Flaperons over true flaps. I tried settings over about 30 landings, with different amounts of elevator correction with generally very poor aileron control. It was great in next to no wind where little aileron control was needed however, overall, not for me.
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