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Originally Posted by hayofstacks View Post
Why not just use flapperons? I have no experiance with the apprentice, but my alpha has flaperoins. They work well, do not balloon upwords and increase lift. Stall is much slower, but requires much more power to keep the plane moving forwards and off the ground. Makes the aleroins less touchy. I can fly the plane the exact same or slower without them by using up elevator and landing nose up. They do greatley reduce top speed and help climb. They also do not change stalling characteristics and make the rudder slightly more resposive.
Methinks it all depends on the model. I've tried flapperons on a Showtime 50, worked OK. Then tried flapperons on a 78 inch electric Extra, flapperons made landings very dicey, fly to slow and it would really drop a wing. Bent up the landing gear a couple of times doing it.
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