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Originally Posted by NFA Fabrication View Post
Yeah, I figure it will at least be better than the "Flaperons" I have programmed into my DX8 now, I lose a ton of aileron control (To be expected with that set-up). I figure it can only be better if the control surfaces doing the slowing are moved inboard on the wing, and I have full movement of my ailerons again!
I've tried those flaperons on several of my models. With the typical somewhat narrow ailerons, IMHO those flaperons are of limited use. And as you indicate you might also have difficulty with aileron control at slow flying speeds.

Two of my models have the true flaps, one is the Great Planes Giant Big Stick, second is the Hanger 9 P51.

The P51 flaps do help a little, but not enough to really stand out. The flaps on that Giant Big Stick however, REALLY makes a big difference. This model already can really slow down for a landing, but when the flaps are at full deflection, this Big Stick can litterally land and come to a stop in less than 20 feet. Take off's are again about 20-30 feet with the flaps at 1/2 deflection. That with a Hacker A60-16M, 19X12 prop, 12S2P A123 cells, and a model that weighs in at 16 pounds.
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