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I have had a number of RC planes with true flaps but there were 4 were they were decently fun.
  • Air Tractor 802f
  • Alfa P47
  • T-34
  • Ultra Stick
  • Beaver
  • Sr. Telemaster Plus

The AT802F was a blast as this was the only RC model I had that did not have a pitch change with flaps. Zero, none nada zilch. It was amazing! Withe the high aspect ratio wing it was a slow lander anyway. But it was fun to play.

The Beaver was a blast and it slowed the plane well and created lots of drag. They also nearly completely blanked out the ailerons so you will need to know how to use the rudder for sure!

The Alfa just didn't need them it was light and slow anyway.

The T-34 was OK but again did not make too much difference - it slowed OK.

The Ultra Stick was a kick but I never set up quad flaps. That is where the ailerons go up and the flaps down and you really can have some fun! This is sometimes called butterfly.

The SR Telemaster is a kick in the pants. I can deploy them at the end of the runway with 45 degrees I point at the end of the runway and it just points right down without gaining significant speed. Then you rotate out, add some power and do a landing right on the spot.

You MUST manage power with flaps and deal the the other stuff. The Telemaster like the Beaver have very little aileron authority when they are deployed more than about 15 degrees. Rudder is your friend. Power is your friend. So is elevator to flap mixing.

I think the Apprentice does not really need them, but as you point out it is fun to play with them and see what you get. I say go for it. You don't really need the complexity of split flaps, just cut a nice wide swath from the TE and go for it!

But be ready for mixing and the lack of aileron authority.

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