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Originally Posted by AEAJR View Post
All of what I have provided will help you but when it comes to the fear and frustration of the first flight, this is the one that will make the greatest impact on your first flying experience. Do this wrong and failure is almost assured.


Many, perhaps most of the small electric planes can be hand launched. Many
don't even have landing gear. I take the landing gear off as it tends to grab
in the grass and flip the plane over on landing. I belly land all of mine.

Let's take a look at that hand launch as it can be troublesome for new flyers.

Always launch into the wind. ALWAYS!!!! No exceptions! If the wind is not
blowing into your face, you are facing the wrong way.

Motor at FULL throttle. Remember, if you throw-UP, that will make you sick.
You want to send it straight out.

Your plane may actually lose some altitude as it gains speed. As long as the
wings are level and the plane is flat, that is fine. The plane should look
like it just flew past you, not like it is climbing, at least not right away.

Don't pull back on the elevator till it is up to speed. Maybe a TINY bit. It
should start to regain that altitude all on its own as the lift of the wing
kicks in. Until that happens, a big pull back on the elevator is like putting
on the brakes, and it will slow the plane down, the wings will lose lift and
it will stall and likely fall to one side or the other, especially if you
haven't thrown it with the wings level.


Think of it this way, if you throw the plane up, it is like starting to ride
your bicycle up hill in high gear from a standing start. VERY HARD to do.
Better to start on level ground in a lower gear, get up some speed, then
attack the hill. Same for your plane.

If you throw up, the plane can not gain speed fast enough and the wing will
not get up to minimum flying speed. Getting a firm, flat, wings even throw
takes some work. Send it out like a big dart you are tossing at a board on the

Try this visualization:

Stand under the goal post of a football or soccer field. With the motor at
full power, throw it straight out so it will fly under the cross bar of the
other goal post.

Under the other goal post? Yes under!

That should give you a nice flat throw! If you are trying to throw it OVER the
goal post, you are tipped up too much. Strong firm, flat throw, not up, or
only slightly up. Those wings need to be flat to gain lift. ( Don't worry,
by time it reaches the other end of the field it will be much higher than
that cross bar, but don't try to throw it over the bar. Let the plane do it.)

This tendency to throw up is a very common mistake that lots of new flyers
make. You will crash and crash and crash and that will just make you sick!

Remember: If you throw-up, it will make you sick!
real good stuff- my hand launches, (as opposed to normal takeoffs), have always been hectic - huge hurry to get away from terror firma - so i havent asked my poor, beloved, no LG, vintage ex- slimer Cox Centurion with a 2208-08 2600kv on 11.1 to fly for me much , (much to my chagrin), its sooooo nice looking flying by- i need to make field time with my mentor to work on nice easy 1/2 + throttle hand launches , instead of the way i was doing- the 2600kv will take it almost vertical from hand , so that was the MO- but skimming the earth (5-6 ft elevation) out of hand is beautifuler - thanks

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