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The Albatros looks like yet another step forward in this amazingly fast moving technology these days. I was impressed the minute I first saw it on the net, but was a little disappointed to see that it was so small. I'm a novice, and have just recently gotten comfortable with my HZ Champ. I've always admired the WWI planes, and biplanes in general (saw Dawn Patrol at an impressionable age), and after getting the Champ, have wanted to get something with two wings, but a bit larger. Maybe 24" wingspan or so, with the ability to use it with my existing transmitter.

I have a couple of planes in the 30" range, but they don't have that all-in-a-box-ready-to-go spirit of the Champ.

The Albatros will be a big seller, I think; congradulations to the people who produce it, especially for doing this at such an attractive price.


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