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Numbthumbs, I hope this will post. As indicated below I tried and failed once before. Join us on the Spitfire thread for some fun if you can.

RE: Parkzone Supermarine Spitfire Mk11B

Squadron, below is a communiqué response post that is currently being blocked off the next url. If one or more of our unit could go behind enemy lines and deliver the vital information we may be able to hasten the defeat of the enemy. Time is rapidly running out for me so I must avoid direct contact with our forces for days and maybe weeks at a time.

Fire at will!

I wish you well.

Over and out.

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HI Madweb, yes, flying into the sun is dangerous for beginners! Her is a video of what happens when one flies into the sun! I did this with my Trojan here and my Super Cub as well. Always fly with sunglasses, and never directly into the sun. I lost sight of the Trojan for about one second and well...you will see.

Numbthumbs, I AM A CONVERT! Yes, my mother gave me a set of "HD VISION" dark glasses that I had previously dismissed as "sales hype" and WOW! I could not only clearly see my planes in the air while not even realizing that I was wearing them over my regular glasses but enjoy some good sun protection as well.

Yesterday, I flew two (2) WWI planes over a small "two soccer field" size area and decided that this size area was too small for me with these planes under the shifty wind conditions I had to endure. I fell in love with these dark glasses. They might have even played a part in avoiding some near disasters.

I will continue to test these dark glasses and report as opportunity provides.
Hope you are still enjoying the conquest of the air.
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