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Default Welcome!

Hello To Fazerdreamer + Murphy, Welcome to Wattflyer!
To Murphy, I agree with HoaRC, there are certainly easier ways to try electric R/C, but if you're determined to convert the Free Flight Cub, I'll offer some advice.
First off, is this the model you're considering?
If so, it is on the large end of the "Micro" R/C spectrum, but a small and lightly-built "Park" flyer.
I would project the completed weight would be 5-7 ounces, of which 1/2 will be the completed airframe and half the R/C and power system. To fly successfully, you will need about 35 to 50 watts output.
There are 3 main concerns with converting a Free Flight in this manner. (1) Strengthening the structure for the additional weight and power.
(2) Selecting a power system and R/C system compatable with the (projected) weight and power output.
(3) Adding R/C controls, motor mounting and battery mounting areas, airflow for cooling the battery + motor, fabricating servo mounts and pushrods, etc.
Here is a long build thread I did on a similar (but smaller) FF to R/C conversion;
http://www.wattflyer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33844 I've detailed the motor mount, servo tray, "Home-made" balsa + wire pushrods, landing gear reinforcement and general strengthening of the airframe.
I'm guessing you're located in the UK, if so, here's some suppliers of "Micro" gear and a few motor recommendations;
The E-Flite brand is carried in the UK by BirminghamModelCentre, but they don't list this size. A call or E-Mail may confirm whether they can get it;
The motor weight will be between 15-25 grams.
Batteries will be 2S (2 cell) or 3S LiPoly of about 400-500Mah. Battery weight will be about 15-24 grams.
You will need 2 "Micro" servos (assuming rudder, elevator and motor control) weight about 4-6 grams each.
A brushless speed control of (about) 8-10 amps capacity, weight 5-8 grams.
A four channel Micro receiver (very few 3 channels available), weight 3-7 grams.
A small 2 or 3 cell LiPoly charger.
And, of course, a transmitter compatable with the receiver.
Here are more Micro suppliers in the UK;
Hope this helps! If you like, I can move this post to "Scratch + Kit Builders Forum", or you can start a thread there.
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