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The final flight of the MonoProp prototype. It’s final because I had technical issues during the last 2 flight where I was practicing FPV. I lost the footage of the first flight (my DVR battery died). So the unit will be retired…

This is the second and the last flight from this morning. I took of with visual to make sure the unit operates properly after yesterday’s crash. I did a quick spin and transitioned to hover to put my goggles on. Then I have a couple of minutes of FPV flight at a higher altitude (as I don’t want to hit trees again). Then I transitioned back successfully (first time with the goggles on) and brought the unit down in hover. At this point I wanted to take a couple of more spins with visual but the unit lost power and crash landed. Unfortunately lost the lipo as it detached and hit the prop (DAMN!!! Brand new lipo…)

With this better battery (Zee is better than Ovionics) I am pretty confident I can FPV for 9 minutes. The unit is very controllable in airplane mode and you don’t really need to think about the controls as you can control it with 3 channels (throttle, pitch and roll). It auto balances, etc… It wobbles a little but this unit was always a little wonky, so I can live with that. The only tricky part, transitioning back to hover, can be achieved successfully with being easy on the stick and taking slow, and adding some throttle to compensate for the additional thrust needed for hover.

Now my buddy @Pysbog got in my mind a sub 250g unit. He thinks that I can make the million with that… lol, just joking So, the next MonoProp will be a smaller unit that incorporates all lessons learned with this and the latest watcher unit that I built.

Thank you

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