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Originally Posted by Stay Quiet View Post
I don't understand why more schools don't incorporate the design and build of an RC plane as part of a STEM curriculum project. It's a great opportunity to introduce CAD design, aerodynamics, some electronics, and building skills.
The students chosen to be "test pilots" could spend time on a flight sim, and when the project was completed, actually fly the plane (with help from an instructor / buddy box.)
Costs for a plane built with foamboard, and powered by a small motor, battery, and ESC combo wouldn't be much (I bet a local club would have a member with that stuff laying around that would be happy to donate it.)
In Latvia - there is a Crafts Association that receives a bit of funding from Govt and has model building in the syllabus ... so yes it is a good idea.

They generally end up doing chuckies ....

We were invited to fly for them at a show they wanted to organise last year - but no funding came ... so it was all cancelled.

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