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Default HobbyZone Apprentice STS 1.5

Hey Guys
So I am new to the hobby, and I just baught my very 1st plane. The HobbyZone Apprentice STS ( RTF version ).

So I have a quick question. The assembly out of the box is pretty straight forward, but I came up with something I need help with. I followed the assembly instuctions, but with it fully assembled my nose wheel and rudder does not line up. When the rudder is straight the nose wheel is at an angle to the left, ( The rudder and nkse wheel are on the same servo) There is only 1 way the nose wheel would fit as it has a flat spot on the shaft that is held in place by a screw. I am not surr if I am just making a beginner mistake or do you think it is a factory fault?
I am looking forward to any suggestions thank you in advance!
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