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Default Opterra 1.2m & me

I wanted to give the opterra 1.2 a try so I picked one up and waited a week for inconsistent weather to clear up.

This morning the winds were zero and there were some clouds in the east to block the rising sun. Perfect! I had the field all to myself. The grass had finally been cut after 2 months and clumps if wet soggy grass everywhere.

I decided to give the safe mode (some call it launch mode) the first shot, easy en to toss but she didn't climb, slid down fast and belly landed. Clean of the layer of decaying grass and God knows what. The wings popped out about a quarter inch each. Tossed her again and quickly brought it up manually. But after a few laps of getting the feel of her, well the honeymoon on safe mode wore off.

Intermediate mode was pretty much the same thing, Yawn.... Ho-hum. Needs serious trim, so I kept it in intermediate and trimmed it out, gave it a quick pit stop and doubled checked the cg, making sure that the lipo was still where it needed to be. I noticed that I had to trim minus 78 on the TX. A a bit more than I care for but I can twist it out some of it on the control rods latter. I enjoyed a Super nice landing but again, the wings popped out about a quarter inch. All was well. Let's get back in the air and play with advanced mode (that's as far as you go on this plane)

OK this is better. Speed is super nice and vertical climb subdued faster than I thought it would but it's definitely a bit more than satisfactory. It got up there, really up there which is enough for most folks including me. Loops and rolls are gracefully performed. But there's one constant that I just didn't like. The axs safe system automatically trims or adjusts for cross wind or gusts. Well there's no wind this morning, no direct sunlight, no minor thermals rising...... Yet this thing adjusted a lot and it was so unexpected I countered the motion. I can do my own self trims for cross winds, gusts.... Ect. This feature actually annoyed me a great deal.

But it's trimmed well and I wanted to check something else out so I drove to the new city park which is utterly huge and too focused on sporting events. 6 junior soccer fields parallel to each other. Nice enough to land a plane. 2 soccer fields for the big bowls. 2 rugby fields. 3 or 4 baseball fields and a cricket field. Outstanding parking. I've never seen more than 2 soccer fields in use. I've never seen the rugby or cricket fields used. A lot of wasted space that is far from where the real crowds are. If you took down the garbage that never gets used, people could actually fly there and not worry about soccer nets, bleachers etc. But one thing they do have is cut grass with no waste laying about. So I did a few landings there and man this is super nice plane to land easy. But.... Every time those wings popped loose. I'm pretty sure it's the make up of this individual plane. However I could be wrong.

Over all I'm not impressed by the plane and I'm not so displeased that I'll hate it enough to never try to fly it again. I need to do some changes to make me like it well enough.
First off I'd rip out the Rx and safe system and replace it. I should have bought PNP. Now I'm talking about me here, personal preference. I think the opterra series is a great plane and platform for two specific people and I'm not sure I'm one of them.

First, it's a fantastic plane to introduce someone to flying wings. For those you buy the BNF models and if after they master em, you can easily add FPV stuff.
It's a dual purpose plane.
Now I don't know if it's primary intent was to be an incredibly stable FPV platform or introducing someone to wings. I thing it'd a moot point because it does both well! I've seen some incredible FPV things done on both the 2m and the 1.2m and some folks put some incredible FPV and optics into them. Amazing.

FOR ME...... The two most irritating things are the adjustments made in advanced mode. If they were smoother rather than fast and sudden I could enjoy it. I should rip out the asx stuff and replace.

Secondly, and this causes me more serious concern than irritation. That's when the wings pop loose. They're incredibly stiff even without the spar. Stiff wings tend to break a lot easier. I'm too concerned I'm gonna destroy this thing. I've seen folks toss these only to watch the wings do worse and in a few cases come completely off. This does not make for fun, relaxing flying FOR ME.

So now the question is, fix what I don't like inside, permanently attach those stiff wings wings and maybe... MAYBE do a few things to support em in the eventual crash so they don't burn so easy (no I don't mind fixing foamies, but I I'd rather not worry about having to more than often)

Don't get me wrong. I truly don't think this plane is a lemon. However we've all had a plane or two that didn't meet our PERSONAL standards huh.

Or should I just sell it to someone who would be happier with it?
Hmmmm? Ponder ponder, more coffee, need more bacon donuts.

(sorry about the type-O's, you're big boys, you can get around em well enough, but I don't have the inclination to argue with auto-correct today)
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