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Originally Posted by Rockin Robbins View Post
You mean that AMA can hide not only the way each EC member voted but also hides its expenses from the membership? What manner of beast is this, anyway?
I don't believe our President has released his tax forms as yet, either!

Originally Posted by Rockin Robbins View Post
I won't contribute to any charity which distributes less than 90% of the money collected to the object of that charity.
When did the AMA claim to be a charity?

Originally Posted by Rockin Robbins View Post
Many say that the AMA is voluntary so they need to be left alone to do as they like. The Mafia is also a voluntary organization (mostly....) but we don't think that's so good.
No one is forcing you to join either organization. To compare the AMA to the Mafia is really a bit of a stretch, don't you think?

Originally Posted by Rockin Robbins View Post
AMA membership (except the free and cheap ones) is way down. There's a reason for that. As more and more reluctantly see what is going on and listen to the boldly self-serving pronouncements of the politburo, they will, one by one, see what I see and decide that their money and time are better spent elsewhere.
Funny, but in a reply to the thread you mentioned, I quoted from the same report, and it said that memberships have been steadily increasing over the past five years. But, that wouldn't support your argument, so......
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