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Originally Posted by ramses View Post
Hi, I have 2 questions related with ESCs.

1.) I have 30A Emax ESC. I want to connect it to DC power supply instead of li-po battery. If I set the desired voltage and max current from DC power supply, is there any problem? Motor max current 15A and ESC max 30A. Please share important points with me.

2.) I will send PWM signal from controller instead of PPM(that is generated via RC controller). Do I have to any other setting to drive motor on ESC?

1. As long as you have sufficient voltage and Amp output from your DC power supply there should be no problems, I would think that if your DC power supply is able to deliver at least 20 amps, you should have no problem, the esc and motor dont care where the voltage is coming from, as long as there is enough dc voltage and amps, you should be fine.

2. If i read your second question right, it sounds like your talking about using a servo controller to operate the esc and motor, That should work fine . the esc is just looking for a signal to make it work. or you can use your transmitter and receiver to generate a esc / motor signal. the servo controller should only see about 5 to 6 volts input no more than that, or you may burn up your esc.

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